JW MMA athlete management program and roster intake form

About JW MMA ATHLETE MANAGEMENT Program and what you need to do to become a part of it!

The Goal of our JW MMA ATHLETE MANAGEMENT program is to select special individual athletes who have a great potential and to ensure each athlete in the program works to attain specific goals intended to reach the peak of their Mixed Martial Arts career.


Each athlete selected for this program will receive the HIGHEST level of training and professional management. All the JW coaches and JW staff will be involved in making sure we collectively make the right decisions pertaining to your career. We will carefully matchmake to get you the right fights and guide you through all the obstacles that you might face through your career.


Our goal is to ensure that each athlete is nutritionally, physically, and mentally ready for each upcoming bout. As a signed athlete with JW Management here are some of the rules and requirements that you must adhere to:

  • Must have an interview with JW MMA ATHLETE MANAGEMENT Director about the requirements, future goals, and JW MMA ATHLETE MANAGEMENT contract.
  • Minimum training requirements: Each member should be active in at least one practice per week in Sparring, Striking, Grappling, Wrestling, and if high level Amateur or Pro, must attend some of the Invite Only POD sessions. If you are avoiding training in all of the areas of MMA, we can not assist you.
  • Be Fight Ready at all times for short notice fights.
  • Mandatory for all Pro/Ammy to seek out Grappling, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and any of the Combat Sports competitions, and compete at least 1 time every other month. The more the better.
  • Must be a Team Player.
  • Must post on social media about JW MMA ATHLETE MANAGEMENT, the Gym, and self promote. We will assist with content when we can.
  • Must continue to update Program Director about winning tournaments and changes to your career, so that the database roster stays updated.
  • Must maintain a clean diet, clean appearance, and clean gear.
  • Fighters living in dorm rooms must keep personal and community areas clean.
  • Excessive partying and drug use, or criminal activity will not be tolerated and could result in termination from the JW MMA ATHLETE MANAGEMENT program and the JW Team.
  • Must be loyal to the team, help others, especially the ones getting ready for fights


* Failure to adhere to the rules set above your JW MMA ATHLETE MANAGEMENT contract will be terminated!

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